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The Penis Extender comes in different shapes and sizes. Having a low-curvature erection is common and not necessarily a cause for concern. However, in some men, pyrrhic disease causes significant flexion or pain.


The disease can prevent a person from having sex or may make it difficult to establish or maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction). For many men, Penis extender also causes stress and anxiety.


In a small percentage of men, the disease disappears spontaneously. But in most cases, it remains stable or gets worse. Treatment may be necessary if the curvature of the penis is severe enough to prevent sexual intercourse.


Scar tissue: This scar tissue (plaque) associated with pyrene can be felt under the skin of the penis as a flat mass or a group of hard tissues.


Significant curvature of the penis: The penis may bend upwards, downwards or to one side.


Erectile problems: Pyrenean disease may gradually cause problems in creating or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction).


Penis shortening: The penis may be shorter.

Pain: There may be pain in the penis with or without an erection. The curvature associated with pyrene may gradually worsen, however it is constant in most men. In most men, pain during an erection within one to two years. Heals, but scar tissue and penile curvature often remain. When to see a doctor: If pain or curvature of the penis during sex or causes you anxiety, it is better to see your doctor sooner.


The cause of pyrene is not completely known. Pyrene is generally said to be caused by repeated injuries to the penis during an erection, such as bending the penis during intercourse or bending it by hand, or hitting or squeezing too close. For example, a man's penis may be damaged during sex, sports, or an accident. Often, however, men do not remember penile-specific trauma. During the healing process, the scar tissue forms in a chaotic manner, which after treatment may lead to a knot that you can feel. Each side of the penis contains a sponge-like tube (cavernosum) that contains many small blood vessels. Each cavernosa is surrounded by a sheath of elastic tissue called the white sheath, which is stretched during erection. During sexual arousal, blood flow to this area increases. When the tissue of the penis is filled with blood, the size of the penis increases. In this disease, when an erection occurs, the area is not stretched with scar tissue and the penis bends or may become painful. In some men, pebrone disease develops gradually and does not appear to be associated with injury. Researchers are investigating whether Pyrenean disease may be inherited or linked to specific health conditions.


Inheritance: If your father or brother has penis extender, you are at risk.

Connective tissue disorders: Men with connective tissue disorders are at risk for the disease.
Age: The prevalence of penis extender increases with age. Age-related changes in the tissue may cause the injury to heal poorly.


Problems achieving or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
Anxiety or stress about sexual ability or the appearance of the penis
Tension in relation to sexual partner
The problem of becoming a father, due to difficult or impossible intercourse
When to see a doctor?
If you have symptoms of penis extender, it is better to see Dr. Fereydoon Khayyamfar in the first stages, because this disease is generally incurable, but Dr. Khayamfar will improve your recovery by inventing new methods to treat this disease. Or if you can not see a specialist in male sexual disorders (urologist).

Preparing to see a doctor:
Here are some things you can do with your doctor:


Physical examination is often sufficient to detect the presence of fibrosis in the penis and to diagnose pyrene. Rarely, other conditions cause similar symptoms.


Other tests: Your doctor may order an ultrasound or other tests to check your penis during an erection. Before taking pictures of the penis, you will have an injection into the penis that causes an erection.

Ultrasound is the most commonly used test for penile disorders. Ultrasound test uses sound waves to produce soft tissue images. These tests can show the presence of scar tissue, blood flow to the penis and any other abnormalities.


If your symptoms are severe or worsen over time, your doctor may recommend medication or surgery. But at the clinic in Khayyamfar, the disease can be treated easily and without surgery.


The goal of drug treatment is to reduce plaque formation and pain, as well as to minimize penile curvature.

A drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of penis extender. It is known as Clostridium histolyticum collagenase (Xiaflex). This drug is approved for men who have a palpable mass of plaque on the penis with a minimum curvature of 30 degrees during an erection. Of course, this treatment is very expensive and is not available in Iran and is less effective than the methods used by Dr. Khayyamfar.

The treatment works by increasing blood circulation and breaking down collagen accumulation, which causes the penis to curve. This treatment includes a series of instructions for physiotherapy, directly on the penile mass, as well as penile modeling with brief exercises (stretching and straightening the penis).

In clinical trials, this collagenase treatment significantly reduced curvature and annoying symptoms. Talk to your doctor about side effects, as some of these side effects can be serious.

Examples of the use of drugs for penis extender include an oral drug called pentoxifylline (Trental), verapamil (injection or topical gel), and interferon (injection), all of which are unsatisfactory in clinical trials.


Most experts do not recommend surgery during the initial inflammatory phase of pyrogenic disease. Your doctor may recommend surgery if your penis deformity is severe, especially if it is very annoying, or prevents you from having sex. Surgery is usually not recommended until the increase in the curvature of the penis stops. However, using the methods recommended by Dr. Khayyamfar, surgery will not be required.

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